Benefits of Part Time Employment

Thanks to the dynamic work environment today, many employers are opting to hire more part time workers than full-time employees. So, what is part time employment? To better define this, it is best to look at it from the employee’s point of view.
Part Time Employment
So, a part time worker is an individual that works fewer hours than their full-time contemporaries. Although the general definition of the working hours for a part time employee is anything less than 40 hours, however, the exact hours in most cases are determined by the nature of work and the employer.
According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, part time employment is defined as any job role with up to 34 hours per week. When comparing full-time work with part time employment, there are some advantages that the latter has over the former. In this post, we will look at some of them.
Why Part Time Employment is More Attractive than Full-Time Employment
More than the income differences between the two, part time employment has many advantages that make it look attractive. Here are some of them.

More Extra Time to Pursue Other Activities and Projects

This is the biggest advantage of taking up part time employment. You have more free time that you can invest in pursuing other projects and extracurricular activities. If you do not have the required academic qualifications to get your dream job, you can take up a part time position while you learn and achieve the desired credentials. A lot of professionals have climbed the career ladder in an existing field, thanks to the flexibility of part time positions. If you have a special project you are nurturing, taking up a part time job is a great way to work on your project and earn along the way.

Ability to Explore New and Exciting Job Opportunities

The fact is that full-time jobs are not always available. However, smart job hunters understand that they have a better chance of getting their dream job and position in their dream organization when they are closer to such organizations. What does this mean? When you work as a part time employee in an organization, you will have a better chance of getting into full employment when there is an opening, especially if you have the required qualifications. This is because your manager already knows your capacity and recommending you for a position that you qualify for would not be a problem.
Benefits of Part Time Employment

Gives Opportunity to Earn More

Taking up part time employment gives you the flexibility of time. If you can manage your time wisely, you can take up more than one part time job. For instance, if you work at a 30-hour per week part time, you can take up another 20-hour per week job. The combined income may be more than what you would have earned from a single job position.

Positive Effects on Your Family

If you are family-oriented, a part time job becomes an ideal option. With part time employment, you can save on transportation costs on children’s transport to school as you can always drop them off and pick them up from school. If you have a baby, a part time job can also help you save on daycare expenses. Opting for a part time position gives you more time to spend on your family.
The great part is that you can always find part time employment. With all these benefits, opting for a part time job may be the best step for the phase you are in your career.


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