Breonna Taylor – The reality black people live in America

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African-American woman

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African-American woman ,who was asleep in her bed ,was shot and killed in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment. Here it is a young woman who was serving her community, who had aspirations and dreams of becoming a nurse but all this was cut short when on the night of March 13th2020 three police officers forced their way into the apartment where Breonna Taylor was in bed with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Mr Walker fired a shot from his licensed gun, later telling police he thought that  someone has broken in.The three officers returned fire, discharging 32 rounds . Ms Taylor was shot and died on the hallway floor.

Breonna Taylor – No Police Officers Charged!

 One of the police officers in this case was charged but not on charges directly linked to her being shot and according to the investigators the other two officers had been justified to protect themselves and they could not persue criminal charges against them . Would American justice system dare to prosecute police officers committing crimes against innocent people ,or are the police very much protected , after all they are the most powerful union in America? it looks like they are untouchable almost.  

Breonna Taylor ProtestsThe shooting of Taylor by white police officers led to protests that added to those across the United States against police brutality and racism. And when a grand jury did not indict the officers for her death , campaigners were infuriorated to the news insisting “justice has not been served”, and calling on people around the US to wake up and rise against the injustice.MS Taylor’s name begins to circulate widely during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Justice hasn’t been served for Brionna Taylors death and that begs the question “ Do the families and the victims have equal standing to the police? ”

Breonna Taylor – The reality of black people

The reality is black people have been in the streets because of police brutality for decades ,we can go all the way back to the 80s riots in Miami over police beating a man with a giant flashlight until he died .They’ve been people in the streets demanding justice for years and years now and nothing has changed or nothing significant hasn’t changed at least in the criminal justice system .

We as a society have to decide if it’s acceptable to let police enter our home at any times at night they want , whit any amount of force they want , and kill anyone they want ! If that’s the society we want ,we are just going to have more of this.


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