LGBTQ Americans

An estimated 4.5 percent of U.S. adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender(LGBTQ), that’s roughly 11.3 million Americans. It is found Washington, D.C., had the highest percentage of LGBTQ people at 9.8 percent and North Dakota had the lowest at 2.7 percent. Mostly younger people are likely to live as LGBTQ and to identify that way because they are growing up in a time when it’s more acceptable to acknowledge those feelings and to act on them. Today, solid majorities of Americans support laws and policies focused at reducing discrimination against LGBTQ people. People have come to understand that the strength and the success of our communities and our … Read More

Exactly where Are the Best Sites For Genuine International Online dating sites?

For many years, online dating has been a smart way to find a life time partner coming from all around the world, but with so many online dating services on the web today, how do you know which one can be legitimate? This can be a very difficult question to answer as there are just so many sites out there. Although a few of them might appear to be they are reputable and provide you with what you need, others are filled with all kinds of guarantees and are not able to deliver on the promises. Consequently , in order to steer clear of being used advantage of, you want … Read More

Ideal Dating Web page For Me

If you are in a relationship, getting a good dating site for you is a very critical action to do. There are millions of people at the Internet looking for different things. There are so many dating sites out there, it may be tough to find the best the one that suits your preferences. During your search for a dating web page, it is important that you may have some basic details about it before you join. Do you know what style of actions there are on there? Are there other people involved in the online dating site? Is the site secure and still have you learned about any spam … Read More

Are We Showing Teachers Love?

In a new article from Yahoo Finance, the teacher shortage maybe more bleak that we thought. With low pay and long hours, are we showing our teachers love? We ask them to support their students with school supplies, food and sometimes clothing. Are we showing our teachers love? And because we have not been showing our teachers love, they are striking. There have been major strikes in more than 6 states, where they are asking us for help. They are not feeling our love. Are Guns In Schools The Answer? Since we are not paying them a living wage, we have not decided to are them? Last week in Florida, … Read More

Preferably Caucasian

It has been reported a job posting appeared boldly requesting a, “Preferably Caucasian” candidate. The preferably caucasian candidate also needed to possess “good technical background”. Cynet Systems Inc The culprit responsible for publicly proclaiming this obvious violation of equal employment recruiting is Cynet Systems Inc. Cynet Systems, Inc, a tech company specializing in staffing and recruiting confirmed a job posting they issued did in contain the text “preferably caucasian” I am not familiar with the organization but it would seem, based on the number praises they show on their website, their organization is staffed with highly educated human resource professionals. You think .? Preferably Caucasian Yes.. it’s a recruitment preference … Read More

Light-Skinned Latina

Living as a light-skinned Latina is outright diverse in variety of ways. Came across an article dated a few years ago written by Melissa Lozad-Oliva which appeared in The Guardian. Ms. Lozado-Oliva very aptly described how being a light- skinned Latina means you will never be able to live in the land of whiteness. “If I dress a certain way – put on some boat shoes, a polo, maybe some pearl earrings – I could maybe even cross over into the land of whiteness.” Ms. Lozada-Oliva comments “what exactly does being a light-skinned Latina mean for me?. It means that all at once, I am just dark enough, too dark … Read More

Virginia – Driving While Black

Driving while Black ( DWB )in Virginia . ”I’ve never liked driving through Virginia.” Says Rhett Butler. Rhett Butler is a Boxing Writer Association of America Journalist. Mr. Butler states “As a student at Howard University, the Commonwealth was just across the Potomac River. It held nicer malls, manicured greens, and better blacktops to play ball. Northern Virginia always oozed white privilege as the bedroom community of Washington, D.C. It was also the first stop in white flight during D.C.’s tumultuous late sixties through nineties. From the riots after MLK’s assassination to Mayor for life, Marion Barry showing the city’s penchant for cocaine consumption, D.C. seemed scary. However, as a Black … Read More

The America We Know, No Longer Exists?

Yesterday on the Laura Ingraham show, she stated that “The America we know, no longer exists“. What? Then she continued by saying that LEGAL and illegal immigration was the cause of America’s changing demographics. What was the message she was trying to get across? Who was she talking to, the Trump base?  Why would legal immigration be the cause? Could it be that areas of our country that never saw people of color before, are now seeing people of color? Why is that so bad? Haven’t there been countless reports that show diversity is good for the country? Don’t diverse perspectives and backgrounds bring about different thoughts and ideas? I was always told that diversity … Read More

HR Diversity Committee

You’ve heard of an HR Diversity Committee formed to discuss how to recruit diverse job seekers. ( coded word for people of color ) Ever hear of an HR Diversity Committee formed to decide how to recruit white candidates ? Course not. White candidates are not considered diverse. In an organizations staffed lily white hiring white candidates is the norm – No HR Diversity Committee needed. Even if the employer’s workplace is diverse – normal “hiring” activities seldom includes the search for diverse men and women. For example, executive searches outsourced to agencies rarely specifically ask for the agency to seek out diverse candidates. The employer feels “safe” from being … Read More

Living While Black Racial Profiling

“Living While Black Racial Profiling” a phrase that encompasses the myriad ways black people are viewed with suspicion, profiled, and threatened with responses from police for minor infractions, or less. Collectively, they illustrate the ways people of color are subjected to arbitrary social expectations, and how violating those expectations is punishable. Decades after the collapse of legal segregation, they also show that spaces like clothing stores, coffee shops, neighborhoods, and universities remain strongly controlled along racial lines. A woman protests at a Philadelphia Starbucks following the arrest of two black men in April 2018. The arrest became the first in a wave of stories about black people. A clear case … Read More