How to Effectively Cope with Life While Black

Living as a black person anywhere in the developed world has been a challenge and there is always some level of prejudice involved. This still has a major impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of many black people today. Being able to deal with it effectively is important, not only for your personal health but also to help you become a productive member of any society. Here are a few key tips that we think could significantly improve life while black for anybody. 1. Improve Your Community Bond The thing that helps any minority survive the best is a bond between community members. Your life while black will be … Read More

Living While Black Smith College

Living While Black Smith College – An employee who called police on a black Smith College student who was eating lunch in a common room on the western Massachusetts campus Tuesday has been placed on leave, school officials say. In a transcript of the call released by school officials Friday, the unidentified employee tells campus police dispatchers that the student seemed “out of place.” Click Here to read more The student, rising sophomore Oumou Kanoute, told CBS Boston she works at a summer program teaching chemistry to high school students for Smith’s STEM program and was reading in the dining hall of the Tyler House dorm Tuesday. Ms.Kanoute was about … Read More