What does it mean to be Asian in America?

asian americans are not the virus

In this time Asian people especially in America are facing hate crimes more than usual, attacks on East Asian people have risen up during Covid-19 outbreak. Many individuals in the United States see the virus as foreign and blame Asian people as the spreaders.

Disease does not differentiate among people based on skin color or national origin, yet many Asian Americans have suffered from discrimination and hatred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the threat of the virus is real for all Americans, Asian Americans bear the additional burden of feeling unsafe and vulnerable to attack by others

 A spike in anti-Asian prejudice has left many Asians wondering where they fit in American society. There’s been a number of coronavirus-discrimination related reports since the beginning of the outbreak, verbal harassment is by far the most common, but physical assault, being barred from establishments, and vandalism also are happening – with women more likely to be targeted than men. Some Asians have also reported being refused service from hotel rooms, or Uber rides, as a result of their ethnicity.

asian americans are not the virus

Besides all this, Asian-Americans face active discrimination at their work place.The primary reason for this employment discrimination is that Asian-Americans are often deemed unsuited for high-ranking management positions. Researchers at the University of Toronto, Jennifer L. Berdahl and Ji-A Min, found that employees of East Asian descent, generally Chinese, Japanese and Korean, were stereotyped as high in competence but low in warmth and dominance, perpetuating “The idea that East Asians are ideal as subordinate employees, suited for technical competence positions, but are unqualified to be leaders and managers.”Part of the solution is to give Asian-Americans more opportunities to prove themselves as leaders.

More generally, there are hopes that this new awareness of discrimination will lead to stronger Asian communities in the US – and more solidarity with other ethnic minorities.

By not studying how racism impairs Asian-American lives, we underestimate how white privilege sabotages the hopes and dreams of people of color.

I believe that by talking about the hard-hitting issues head-on, people can have a better understanding and no longer will discount the pain of our Asian American brothers and sisters.


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