Overview of Health Services Administration Jobs

Public health focuses on the health of communities, individuals, and families. For health administration professionals, the focus is on administering, managing, and leading healthcare systems in different domains. Some of the fields where these professionals function includes hospitals, large healthcare systems, or hospital networks. If you are looking to explore health services administration jobs, you must understand what it takes to get one and the types of jobs you can explore.
Health Services Administration Jobs
The job roles of health services administrators also include administering tailored programs that equip communities, families, and individuals on healthy lifestyle habits as well as disease and illness prevention to promote the overall health of the society. There are specific requirements that should be considered when looking for health services Administration jobs. Let us look at some of these.

Education Requirements for Health Services Administration Jobs

The standard entry-level educational requirement for exploring health services administration jobs is a bachelor’s degree. This is a strong requirement, especially if you want to take up a manager’s role in the health services or medical field. To grow your career in the field, you may need to pursue a Master of Healthcare Administration.
Additionally, you need to gain competence and experience to take up more advanced job roles and positions. For individuals looking to take up jobs that involve planning, coordinating, and directing healthcare providers’ business activities, gaining competence in verbal and written communication would also be important. The great thing about investing in health services administration education is the return on investment.
According to the US Department of Labor, health services administration jobs are expected to grow by about 18% up to 2028. Now, that is significant and the best time to start preparing to take advantage of the opportunities is now.

Options of Health Services Administration Jobs

The health services industry is growing and health services administration jobs are keeping up with the pace. Whatever domains you have chosen to explore in this field, you can be sure that there are numerous opportunities that you can take advantage of. Some jobs that come with great growth potential in the healthcare administration fields are highlighted below:

Medical Practice Manager

This job role involves the management of healthcare practices, which include large physician organizations or medical groups. The average annual salary for this job role is $100,980 and the growth rate of the career path is 18%
Health Services Administration Jobs

Social & Community Service Managers

Professionals with these jobs work closely with social workers, other healthcare professionals, and community organizations to coordinate and create programs that will boost the betterment of individuals, families, and the community at large. The average remuneration for these professionals is $67,150 per annum.

Health Insurance Specialists

These professionals work with insurance companies, medical records, and coding & billing professionals to ensure that plan benefits are accurately applied. They also work with insurance organizations to develop and manage new benefit plans for the communities. The average salary for this job role is $40,350 per annum.


The healthcare administration field is highly rewarding and there are more health services administration jobs that professionals can explore. All you have to do is get the necessary academic qualifications and you are ready to land your first job in the industry.


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