Will Inclusion Be The New “Diversity”?

Over the past 20 or so years, we have been pushing diversity and the benefits of a diverse workplace. We have been arguing that with diverse perspectives and experiences come new ideas and creativity. Study after study shows that companies win with more Diversity. It dosn’t matter if its Google’s stock price rising because of higher gender employment numbers or Nike’s Emmy for their Colin Kaepernick commercial, Diversity wins!

Diversity Hasn’t Always Meant Inclusion

As workforce dynamics have shifted to include more diverse employees, those employees haven’t always felt welcome. When new employees don’t feel included and part of the team, their contributions may be limited. The anxieties of offering ideas without being judged is what inclusion is about. A work environment were all employees are not working at their highest potential is a workplace limiting its success.

In an environment where so many people want to surround themselves with like minded people,

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is taking a terrible toll on human life with some industries more severely impacted than others. Getting back to the way people were spending before the crisis will take time which sees a rise in the number of people out of work. They will need to find new jobs – “job near me”. This will all have an impact on how fast the economy recovers and grows. For most of us, 2021 still promises to be an exciting new beginning, but first, we have to beat coronavirus together.


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